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Ignite your nonprofit's impact with a powerful brand identity that captivates hearts and minds.

B Corps

Amplify your B Corp's social and environmental impact through strategic branding

Purpose-Driven Brands

Unleash the power of your purpose-driven business with a brand that speaks volumes.


We work with brands on purpose.

We strive to create brands that are as unique as they are meaningful. By crafting authentic and inspiring brand stories, we help our clients connect with their audiences on a deeper level and inspire meaningful action.

About Us

At Ebert Design, we're more than a branding agency – we're purpose-driven brand architects. Learn about our values and the team making it happen.

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Our Thoughts

Explore our journal for insightful articles that delve into the world of purpose-driven branding, socially responsible marketing, and crafting impactful brands.

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Finding Your Organization's Unique Purpose.

Discover your brand's essence through our collaborative process. We explore your mission, values, and goals to uncover your unique purpose, laying the foundation for an authentic and inspiring brand identity.


Designing a Purpose-Driven Identity.

We specialize in crafting a purpose-driven brand identity that captivates your audience, from logos to visuals. We ensure your brand communicates its core values, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it.



Creating Internal and External Alignment.

Experience the strength of a united purpose as we align your brand's narrative with its visual representation. Through seamless integration of messaging and design, we ensure your internal team and external audience share a cohesive understanding of your organization's impact.


Developing a Brand You're Proud Of

Achieve a brand that reflects your passion and purpose, embodying everything you stand for. With Ebert Design, you'll have a purpose-driven brand you can proudly showcase to the world, empowering you to make a meaningful difference with every interaction.


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